Want the 411 on what you really should be doing with your nails? Elaine Watson, Cuccio International's VP of Marketing and Sales, Global Education Director, and judge of the new hit reality show Nail'd It, is here to give it to us straight!

So Elaine tell us, what classic colors should every woman have in her beauty arsenal?

Red, pink and nude. Of course the tone of these colors should be flattering to her own skin tone.

Biggest mistakes women make when doing their own nails?

Whoa, how many do you want? Haha, there are so many.  One, forgetting to really clean the nail with alcohol or remover.  This dehydrates the nails and makes their nail color last longer.  

Two, properly shaking the bottle of color and getting polish that isn't properly balanced. Usually, we are impatient and give it a quick shake.  The color won't last as long.  

Three, applying color too close to the skin, which can cause premature chipping.  And four would have to be nail shape.  If I had a nickel for every woman I've seen with a nail shape that really doesn't work with their natural growth or even lifestyle.  I'll stop here or we could fill a page! 

So which nail shapes work best based on a woman's hands?

Ahhh I'm glad you asked. For example, Jane is a nail biter whom has kicked the habit.  However, her nail plate is really short.  She thinks a soft round or square shape is best for her.  Unfortunately it makes her nail look like a circle. 

Growing it out a bit longer and even giving it a thin gel over lay that allows her to pinch a c-curve will allow those nails to go from saucer plates to beautiful, curved nails.  A nice Almond shape will do that.  But curve (side to side) is also important.  A flat nail just looks wide.  There are times when a pro can help do things a nailista can't.

And we have to ask, is the fan nails shape (a la Jerseylicious) ever acceptable?

Not in my world. I get it. I understand that a fanned out nail will give more real estate for bling, however, it just isn't natural. 

My personal preference is a nail that doesn't look weighed down by it's adornments.  You can have acrylics or gels, but applied correctly they can still look long, sleek and natural.  Keep it sexy!

You can catch Elaine on Oxygen's Nail'd It when it premieres October 7 at 9pm.

Loving Elaine's essential nail tips? We've got a whole other set for you tomorrow!