‘Sunset Overdrive’ Dev Says It’s the Biggest Game They Have Ever Made

Ted Price, head of Insomniac Games, said the upcoming third-person shooter "Sunset Overdrive" is the biggest game the company has ever made, IGN reported.

"Sunset Overdrive" is an open-world video game published by Microsoft exclusively for the Xbox One console.

In the game, players roam around the dystopian and futuristic Sunset City. The fully customizable main character is an employee of the fictional company FizzCo. He or she is tasked with battling other humans who have mutated after drinking a new energy drink released by the company.

According to Price, the game is so massive that gamers will probably not be able to explore every aspect of "Sunset Overdrive" even after they have completed it, according to Game Spot.

"It's a question I get asked every single game we make and the answer is it's the biggest game we have ever made at Insomniac," he said. "You can continue playing after the end of the game and we don't imagine people will unlock everything the first tome though."

Price then noted that the studio is preparing to create an entire game series around "Sunset Overdrive," Total Xbox reported.

This will most likely happen since the company is known for working on numerous game franchises such as "Spyro," "Ratchet" and "Resistance."

"We want this to be a new franchise," the studio head said. "This is a game that we and Microsoft are excited about because it does present a very different view of the apocalypse, society and character identification."

"This is a game where we're breaking a lot of rules with regards to how open world games have been presented in the past," Price added. "It doesn't take itself too seriously and constantly breaks the fourth wall. It presents colour as a feature, which we haven't seen a lot recently."

"It's a new and fresh experience and we hope players understand the language we're speaking and want us to take it further," he continued."

"Sunset Overdrive" is scheduled to be released in North America on Oct. 28 of this year. 

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