Hundred Hours Of Gameplay Of ‘Forza Horizon 2’ Will Keep Gamers Busy

Ralph Fulton, creative director of the upcoming open-world racing game "Forza Horizon 2," boasted that it will feature hundred hours of gameplay that will surely keep players busy, Total Xbox reported.

Fulton said the main game can probably be finished in 15 hours. However, going through the other features of the game could take days.

According to the director, "Forza 2" was designed this way due to the surprising number of players who were able to quickly finish the first "Forza Horizon."

"But after people completed it, they left," Fulton said about the series' first installment. "They were out of the game - there was nothing left for them to do."

"This time you'll get to what we call 'soft-completion' in...15 hours, maybe? That's a good chunk of game," he added. "I can play that. But then there's just so much content, so you can try out New Game Plus and so on and so forth - so easily over a hundred hours of gameplay for the super-hardcore, right?"

Some of the new features of "Forza Horizon 2" is the Bucket List. Similar to the 1000 Club in the first game, Bucket List features a set of challenges for players to complete.

Car Meets, another feature of the game, is the online mode of "Forza 2" that allows gamers to show-off and compare their cars.

Aside from the game's numerous features and hours of gameplay, Fulton is confident that gamers will not get tired of playing "Forza Horizon 2," Game Spot reported.

"I think what's great about that is it means it's a game that you always feel you can come back to and do some stuff then and progress without it necessarily being your primary game," he said.

"Months on, when your 'Call of Duty' and your 'Assassin's Creed' are out, there's always that opportunity to stick to 'Horizon 2' again and just continue that road trip," Fulton added. 

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