Paris Hilton Hangs Out With $13,000 Dog In Los Angeles, Tweets Her Carl's Jr Burger Ad Was Banned In New Zealand For Being 'Too Hot'

Paris Hilton was spotted in Los Angeles on Sept. 17, Wednesday, with her Pomeranian pooch named Mr. Amazing, which she bought for $13,000 earlier this month, Daily Mail reported.

Carrying Mr. Amazing, Hilton was in a sleeveless floral print summer dress with a large black bag and Chanel variant.

While attending New York Fashion Week, Hilton purchased the five-month-old puppy through Calgary based dog breeder Betty's Teacup Yorkies.

One of the most expensive animals the store has on sale, the furry white dog weighs about less than two pounds and is only more than one inch off the ground.

Just seconds after tweeting Mr. Amazing's photo with "#ParisHilton," Betty's Teacup Yorkies owner Joanne Pauze was followed by Hilton on Twitter. Three minutes later, Hilton called Pauze.

"I don't think that's really her. I thought it was somebody pretending to be her. But it turned out to be her," Pauze told Calgary Herald. "I showed her two different Pomeranians and she wanted both of them, but I declined one, because it wasn't as extreme."

"I wanted her to have the best so I said, if it's okay, wait for the next one," Pauze said adding that Hilton immediately fell in love with Mr. Amazing and wanted another one right away.

Meanwhile, on Sept. 18, Thursday, the 33-year-old socialite took to Twitter to announce that the burger chain Carl's Jr has had another ad banned from New Zealand television.

"My new @carlsjr Texas BBQ Burger ad is so hot, it's been banned from TV in New Zealand," Hilton tweeted with a wink symbol.

Near the end of the banned ad, the Carl's Jr's original spokesmodel Hilton was shown eating a chip that has fallen from Ferguson's burger onto the newly washed vehicle.

"They sent it to us and said, what do you think? And we said no," Commercial Approvals Bureau (CAB) general manager Rob Hoar said adding that Hilton's ad would have been in breach of the codes of Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), The New Zealand Herald reported.

Recently, Sports Illustrated model Hannah Ferguson also appeared bikini-clad in a banned Texas BBQ Thickburger ad, which Hoar said contravened the ASA rules, Stuff reported.

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