Barbara Streisand Releases New Album ‘Partners’; Dishes on What It’s Like Singing with Son Jason Gould; Says She Wants to Collaborate with Beyonce, Rihanna and Adele

Barbara Streisand recently released her new album, "Partners" that features a range of artists including John Legend, John Mayer and Blake Shelton.

However, the hit maker was firm in saying that she was disappointed with the fact that she didn't get to secure collaboration with Beyonce, according to the Toronto Sun.

"Beyonce tried to do something. I would love to sing with her, I'm mad for her, I think she's spectacular," Streisand explained.

The singer also confirmed that she wants to be able to sing a duet with Rihanna and Adele.

"I'd love to sing with Rihanna and Adele, but I don't know all the other girls," she admitted.

Meanwhile, the "Don't Rain on My Parade" singer also dished on what it was like meeting Elvis Presley for the first time, Contact Music reported.

"It was 1969 in Las Vegas. I think it was called the International Hotel, yep, and Elvis came. It was my opening night, but I was very nervous meeting him. I remember sitting there polishing my nails while he was talking to me. Can you imagine? When I think of it now, I think, 'How could you have been so stupid?'" she told Extra.

Talking about her digital collaboration with Presley on his hit song "Love Me Tender," Streisand explained, "To sing with him now virtually, around his track, was kind of special to me, because I thought he was so special. There's something right about that because we did have this connection."

Additionally, "Partners" also features a duet with Streisand's son, Jason Gould.

"He makes me so proud. When I heard him sing 'How Deep Is the Ocean' like that, he recorded it, and I just fell off my chair. The beauty of his voice, his emotional life, his soul comes through in his music, so it's fantastic," she said.

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