This week, we honor classic beauty, Barbra Streisand.

As one of the best-selling artists of all time, Streisand is among Hollywood's special group of elite legends in Hollywood. She is among only 15 entertainers to have ever won an Emmy, Grammy, Tony, and an Oscar.

Streisand amazing voice is one of her iconic signatures. Tied to her voice and almost just as famous, is Streisand's nose, a part of her naturally beautiful features that have never been altered or surgically modified.

One of the key reasons the star has never had a nose job is her fear it would ruin her voice. Streisand credits her deviated septum for her singing chops. "If I ever had my nose fixed, it would ruin my career."

Refusing to succumb to peer pressure, Streisand never seriously considered changing her looks, even amidst the trend to go under the knife.

"When I was young, everyone would say, 'You gonna have your nose done?' It was like a fad, all the Jewish girls having their noses done every week at Erasmus Hall High School, taking perfectly good noses and whittling them down to nothing," the star recalled.

"The first thing someone would have done would be to cut my bump off. But I love my bump, I wouldn't cut my bump off."

We love Streisand for her honesty and candor. Like all of us, she admits to times of self-doubt, but in the end accepts herself just how she is.

"I do have a strange face. It changes so much from angle to angle. Sometimes I think I really did look quite beautiful, and a lot of times I thought I looked really bad."

"It's a shame. But on the other hand, I'm not going to cry over it. I'm trying to be in the moment, and I'm enjoying my life."

Check out the fun makeup tutorial below to get Streisand's smoked out look from the late 1960's and let us now what you think with a note below!