Leaked Report Suggests Ubisoft’s ‘Rocksmith 2014’ Coming To PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

A leaked report from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) indicated that game developer Ubisoft's "Rocksmith 2014" will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, IGN reported.

"Rocksmith 2014" is a music video game and is considered as a reboot of its 2011 predecessor, "Rocksmith."

Ubisoft's latest title is an instructional game that teaches users how to play real guitars. Users need to connect their instruments to the consoles using an adapter cable.

The game was originally released in October of 2013 for various consoles except for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The report from the ESRB regarding "Rocksmith 2014" was first posted on the organization's information page but was then taken down moments later. Fortunately, a Twitter user took a screenshot of the image of the report before it was removed.

Based on the report from the board, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers will be able to enjoy "Rocksmith 2014." In addition, the ESRB gave the game a "T" or "TEEN" rating due to its "mild fantast violence, mild lyrics," according to Console Tuner.

"This is a music and rhythm simulation game in which players learn how to perform songs on an electric guitar," the board wrote in the report. "Players simulate strumming guitar strings, score points based on the accuracy of notes hit, and participate in mini-games to test/improve skills."

In explaining the rating of the game, ESRB also provided a few details about what gamers can expect to see in "Rocksmith 2014," All That's Epic reported.

"Some mini-games involve brief instances of violence: a cowboy shooting bandits with a pop gun; spaceships shooting lasers at each other; players using a guitar weapon to shoot light blasts at zombies from a first-person perspective," the ESRB noted.

"Some song lyrics contain references to suggestive behavior (e.g., 'down on a muff...I met a cheerleader / Was a real young bleeder; But there's no mistake who I'm taking to my bed with me tonight'), and the word 'a*s' appears in one song," the group added.

There are no reports yet as to when Ubisoft will make "Rocksmith 2014" available to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users.  

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