'Sherlock' Season 4: Is Mycroft Holmes Involved In Moriarty's Comeback?

In the Season 2 finale of "Sherlock," Moriarty (Andrew Scott) committed suicide by shooting himself in the mouth, but fans of the show were shocked when the villain reappeared at the end of the last season's finale. While viewers are totally clueless on how Moriarty was "resurrected from the dead," a new theory claims that Sherlock's older brother, Mycroft (Mark Gatiss), is somehow involved with the baddie's comeback, Latin Times reported.

It is obvious from the past seasons of the Emmy-winning British crime drama series that the there's a big wall between the two brothers, but still manage to keep their fair share of secrets from each other. Mycroft has always been mysterious since his first appearance in the show; there is not much known about him, and he seems to be always keeping tabs on his younger brother. Given all these, it is not impossible that Mycroft is in collusion with Moriarty.

Mycroft might only be using Moriarty as a pawn to keep Sherlock under his control or he might just intentionally brought back Moriarty to make sure that his younger brother will not be exiled from the UK following the events last season, Latin Times speculated.

Series' executive producer Steven Moffat previously told Vulture that they "exactly" knew what would they do with Scott's character even before the second installment of the series.

"There is no last-minute whim in this," Moffat said. "We've had what we're going to do with Moriarty in place from before the second season. Exactly what we're going to do. I remember talking it through with Andrew Scott, who plays Moriarty. Wait and see what's going to happen."

As for the move to put Moriarty's comeback scene at the very end of the last season finale, Moffat revealed that it was Gatiss' idea.

"That was [decided] in the cutting room," Moffat told Digital Spy. "It was Mark [Gatiss]'s idea to get one more little blip of him, and we shot the live action shot which we hadn't done for the actual show and put that in after the credits."

"It was just a final little treat, really, to wind people up!" he added.

The three-episode Season 4 of "Sherlock" is set to be aired in early 2016, following a full-length Christmas 2015 special, which will go into production in January 2015, BBC reported.

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