'Sherlock' Star Andrew Scott Loves Erotic Fan Fiction With Co-Star Benedict Cumberbatch, Talks About His 'Coming Out' Experience

Andrew Scott apparently enjoys saucy "Sherlock" fan fiction!

The 37-year-old openly gay Irish actor, who plays the role of Moriarty in the hit British crime drama TV series "Sherlock,"  told gay lifestyle magazine Attitude that he finds the erotic, often explicit, stories featuring the show's characters entertaining, The Mirror reported.

"Oh my god, it's the drawings and the photos!" he said. "It's mostly women doing it. You're put with quite an array of different people... [laughs] I think it's done by librarians."

In the interview with mag, the "Saving Private Ryan" actor also described the complex relationship between his good-looking evil alter-ego and Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock.

"The relationship between Sherlock and Moriarty is very interesting," he said. "Well they are absolutely obsessed with each other. There has to be a line... In the words of Erasure, I love to hate you."

During a press tour back in January, "Sherlock" co-creator Steven Moffat discussed the onscreen chemistry between Scott and Cumberbatch, citing a scene in the show's Series 2 finale, where the two almost kissed each other, HitFix reported.

"We got the idea [of the lip lock scene] from the palpable chemistry between Benedict and Andrew," said Moffat. "We can't control it any longer. We let them at it. But we cut it before contact and, indeed, sex, because that was just wrong. It just looked bad."

Moffat continued: "It was actually Mark Gatiss' idea, and he wrote that scene, and I remember he told me, 'I've done something slightly cheeky.' And I thought, I wonder what that could be given his past record, and I just roared with laughter when we got to that. It was brilliant. As to how far the tongue got in, you have to ask Benedict."

"There was no connection there. Can I just point out that we didn't actually connect?" said Cumberbatch. "It was like this. Fist bumping. No. Yeah. No. Not in that way, but platonically."

Scott's Moriarty is back in the forthcoming Series 4 of the show, as hinted by his surprise reappearance at the end of the Series 3 finale, Independent reported.

Meanwhile, in his interview with Attitude, Scott admitted that his experience of "coming out" was relatively nice.

"It was really lovely actually. I think I've been very, very, very lucky. I say this from a place of happiness and contentment now but at the time I didn't know what way it was going to be," he told the mag via BuzzFeed.

"Of course I was scared," he continued. "We are talking about years and years ago now. It's not even in this century. That's another thing, this sort of idea of 'coming out' in public that happened a long time ago. Even the words 'coming out,' because there's an inference that you were ever 'in.'"

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