The beaches are now empty and summer is officially over. It's time to get back into the regular grind. But are you ready? 

Food and science expert Budge Collinson has some nutritional advice that can help you prepare for your busy schedule, without relying on that morning coffee. 

"Replacing the nutrients that are depleted when you're active is a much smarter way to maintain or increase your energy level, and many of those nutrients have long-term benefits as well," said Collinson.

"The truth is, most of us like having full and often fast-paced lives, even if we tend to get worn out more quickly as we get older."   

Check out some of the supplements you can add to your diet to stay full energized for fall. If you missed Part One of Budge's tips, click here:

Theanine. This supports better moods, much needed to deal with potentially another polar vortex. "Theanine is a calming extract of green tea," the expert explained. "Clinical research indicates that it helps focus a distracted mind."

To a lesser extent, theanine has also been shown to reduce anxiety.

Resveratrol. This is a versatile antioxidant for general well-being and long-term peace of mind. "Resveratrol promotes healthy circulation, prevents cholesterol oxidation and protects your entire cardiovascular system from the effects of dangerous free radicals," Collinson said.

Initial research shows resveratrol helps defend the body against a number of diseases, including Alzheimer's, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Remember our story on red wine and reservatrol?

Vitamin D. "This is for when the sun isn't as bright as it was during summer. "Up to 90% of the vitamin D the body needs comes from sunlight, which is in much shorter supply after summer," Collinson told us.

"Vitamin D is required for the regulation of the calcium and phosphorus in the body. It also plays an important role in maintaining proper bone structure and supporting immunity."

Adding any of these essential nutrients to your fal regimen? Tell us with a note below!