Getting that last does of summer in? Who isn't! Take advantage of the heat while you still can!

But while barbecues, sports leagues, family vacations, days at the beach and nights out with friends are fun, keeping up with summer recreation and maintaining a steady work schedule can be challenging.

And before we know it, we'll be back into the busy fall grind, getting kids up and off to school, participating in clubs and groups that have been on summer hiatus, and yes, before we know it, planning for holidays!

"We like to tell ourselves that there will be a period of rest before the next big thing, but usually there isn't," said Budge Collinson, a food science expert with a passion for health and fitness. "The truth is, most of us like having full and often fast-paced lives, even if we tend to get worn out more quickly as we get older." 

But whatever you do, don't resort to caffeine and other stimulants for a temporary energy boost, Collinson advised.

"Replacing the nutrients that are depleted when you're active is a much smarter way to maintain or increase your energy level, and many of those nutrients have long-term benefits as well," the expert explained.

Collinson, even formulated a natural multivitamin beverage called Youth Infusion, to make it easier to get all the essential nutrients and minerals in one 6-ounce drink. Instead, Collinson says look for drinks that have great energizing nutrients like:

CoQ10. This is a great energy boost. "Every cell in your body uses CoQ10 to produce energy, but your heart needs it the most," Collinson said.

"CoQ10 can help balance your blood pressure, and its powerful antioxidant properties help protect you against pre-mature aging."

Arginine. This helps with your endurance during workout and your daily routine. "Arginine helps the cardiovascular system by assisting in nitric oxide production, making the arteries more elastic," the expert told us.

"It also supports the functioning of your hormones and immune system, helps kidneys remove the body's waste and promotes wound healing."

Look out for more tips from Collinson tomorrow where he gives three more essential nutrients that can help keep you active and alert this busy fall season.