Wine anyone? Before you think a glass of this good stuff should be kept as merely an occasional indulgence, get the cork ready. Studies show drinking a glass of red wine everyday can help improve skin.

Rich in reservatrol, red wine acts a great source for anti-aging beauty benefits. The antioxidant is believed by many to help slow the aging process, protecting skin from the effects of free radicals, harmful pollutants, and dangerous sun exposure. With each of these youthful hazards helping to bring on fine lines and wrinkles faster, reservatrol helps to act as a barrier, protecting the collagen that keeps skin firm, tight and healthy.

Not big on wine? Try using the nutritional byproduct of this fermented elixir: grape seed oil. Derived from the process of making wine, many vineyards also distribute their own versions of this rich plant extract. Makers of the ultra-fine cosmetic grade Merlot 100% Pure Grape Seed Oil know all about its potency. Free of parabens or sulfates, grape seed oil is non-greasy and helps skin retain moisture longer. "It's one ingredient, but the benefits are numerous," explains Wayne Beckley, CEO of Merlot Skin Care. "You could call it a miracle in a bottle."

Grape seed oil is great for acne fighting, and a source for Vitamin E. This hydrating vitamin, coupled with anti-inflammatory and fatty acid properties help to keep skin free of clogged pores and thus free of breakouts. Grape seed oil can be used not only for skin, but also hair. The nutrients can help to promote hair growth, strengthen tresses, as well as keep scalp clear and dandruff free. Simply massage into scalp as well as ends or even use a microwaved warmed version in a hot oil treatment to act as a hydrating sealant.

Looking to get the powerful potency of reservatrol in a beauty product? Try the Celle Advanced DNA Rejuvenation Cream. For $350, this skin treatment challenges the signs of ageing. Its chemical-free formula promotes dermal health down to the DNA level. Celle harnesses the power of resveratrol to protect and repair damaged skin both before and after UV and environmental exposure. The Cellular Skin Treatment produces dramatic improvements in tone, texture and elasticity to create a younger, healthier appearance in just 21 to 30 days!

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