Julia Roberts Talks Magazine Hot Lists, Jokes She Is Hotter Than Halle Berry

Julia Roberts, long-reigning "America's Sweetheart," revealed she would get upset earlier in her career when she was never first on those "hottest actresses in a bikini" lists during an interview with InStyle. Find out what she had to say!

"When I was younger, I'd think, 'Oh, I'm the prettiest one! It's not Halle Berry!"' the actress joked. "But it is, you know?"

"And that's great because I imagine at a certain point that kind of image would become a burden," Roberts continued. "So I don't think I've had to deal with that too much."

She also said she felt it was a "godsend" she was never placed on those lists.

"I think I've always sort of been on the more boyish spectrum of girls," the "Erin Brockovich" star told the mag.

In recent years, Roberts explained she has grown to care about appearance more.

"I certainly think about it more now. It used to be a friend could call me at three in the afternoon and say, 'I have a premiere tonight. Will you come?' And I'd just take a shower and go," the stunning actress revealed. "I wore a lot of vintage then."

"I had a navy military jacket and striped leggings I wore all the time," she added. "Those were the fun old days. People were less judgmental, less searing in their assessment of what you dare wear to the drugstore."

When asked which audience she feels she speaks the most to, the Oscar-winning starlet said, "I love the moms."

"Even when I was 20, they were my demographic. I work for the moms."

Finally, the mother of three and wife of cinematographer Danny Moder opened up about life at home.

"I am a 1950s housewife," she candidly stated. "I have a tendency to get so caught up working inside my home. Almost to a fault, where other things get neglected, and then I end up with a chaotic day, trying to return phone calls and emails and hit deadlines."

"It's like, between the grocery shopping, the cooking, and cleaning up everything - it's a lot," Roberts continued. "But it's not anything that millions of other moms don't do all the time, so there's nothing great about me doing it."

Do you think Roberts should be topping the "hot" lists? Let us know why or why not below!

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