Julia Roberts Gets Candid During Ellen DeGeneres Interview [VIDEO]

Julia Roberts gave her seal of approval to pal George Clooney on Amal Alamuddin, calling it "sublime." She adds though she has not yet met the lawyer who tamed Hollywood's most eligible bachelor, Roberts has nothing but praise for the lady.

"She is beautiful and smart and he is happy, and that is what matters to me," Roberts told Ellen on her talk show.

The Oscar winning actress also spoke with the hilarious host about her love for tattoos.

"Yes, I have a few," the Oscar winner, 46, said of her tattoos, but fell mum when asked for locations.

"Some things I can tell you the answer to, and some things I'll tell you later," Roberts said about their placements.

"Aren't you just rethinking me completely now?" she joked while looking at the audience.

Roberts revealed she has the names of her children and her husband's initials inked.

"You didn't want to commit to his name?" DeGeneres teased of her husband's initials tattoo.

"Actually, we were brave or idiotic, because it was before we got married," Roberts confessed.

To top things off, DeGeneres got her Oscar pizza delivery man to stop by and bring the audience a snack. The now-famous Edgar revealed that Roberts was his favorite and he loved "Pretty Woman."

"What a coincidence that we would get a guy from Russia who grew up watching 'Pretty Woman'," DeGeneres cackled. "You were his favorite movie star of all time and now he's serving pizza to you."

"I think they should always have a snack break at the Oscars now," the actress replied.

Watch clips from the candid chat below!

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