Bold brows are back and bigger than ever - literally. We know trends come and go, but unfortunately for the masses who embraced the pencil-thin trend of the 90s, overplucked, sparse brows are far from an easy fix.

RealSelf reports that the trend has taken over--undoubtedly inspired in part by the magnificent arches Hollywood starlets like Cara Delevingne and Camilla Belle are sporting. The result has been an eyebrow envy epidemic - and now women are looking beyond the beauty counter for a solution.

Check out Part One of our interview with board certified doctors who specializes in hair transplant surgery and see what advice they have:

What exactly is an eyebrow transplant? How does it work?

According to New York surgeon Amiya Prasad, "The donor area comes from the back of the head as with any hair transplant. Those follicles are individually separated and placed one by one in a pattern that gives a normal and natural look."

Who is the ideal patient for this procedure?

Whether a scar inhibits your follicle growth, you overplucked for years and your pencil thin brows won't recover, or you're just suffering from a common case of patchy brows, an eyebrow transplant may be your solution. The procedure, which must be done by a board certified physician, is great for both women and men.

How much does it cost?  Does it require multiple sessions?

Although price varies based on location, an eyebrow transplant will likely run you in the neighborhood of $4,000-8,000.

A big factor is the number of skin grafts the patient will need to have transplanted, which will vary from case to case, depending on whether someone is just getting patchy brows filled in or is looking for a more complete transformation. Surgeon Francis William Rieger of Tampa says that "Often 200 to 300 grafts may be sufficient to give greater density to the eyebrows."

Check out Part 2 of our interview tomorrow to find out about potential pain and side effects.