Ponytail Style Ideas: Cutler/Redken Stylist Jenny Balding Gives Expert Hair Care Tips

This week has been all about the power of the ponytail. 

Cutler/Redken Stylist Jenny Balding has been giving us her expert tips on how to spice things up with this classic hairstyle. From work, to play, from the gym, and even heading to bed, women use the ponytail as their go-to hairstyle. But the possibilities for this seemingly simple style are endless.

This week, we highlighted three great ways to try wearing your ponytail. Check out the low ponytail and bubble ponytail tutorials too!

As out third and final option, Balding teaches us how to rock the textured pony. As seen at Chanel FW14, low ponytails were as ever popular, but with a twist.

Crimp the tail and even add accessories to make a statement. Here actress Eva Longoria sports the textured look beautifully.

Ready to try this look? It's super simple and Jenny has broken down the stps for us.

"Start with day two hair as you want to have a little texture to the hair," Balding siad. "Again, add dry shampoo or texture powder for extra grip."

This look does not require long hair either. Use your extensions to achieve the same long-hair-don't-care effect. "Smooth into very low ponytail at the nape. then attach your extensions securely," Balding instructed.

Once your ponytail is attached, it's ready to style. "Section the tail into sections and mist each section with a light hairspray to give it some hold. Then use the crimping iron from the base and work your way down," Balding advised.

Repeat this process all the way through. Then brush lightly to achieve desired effect. "Using mini crimpers give a really different, modern feel! Sam Villa texture irons are amazing," Balding recommended. Be prepared to invest about $200 in one of these tools.

Wanna opt for more defined texture? You can always add additional flair with a two-strand twisted braid. The look is just as versatile and pairs well with both a dressed-down or dressed-up look.

Heid Klum rocked a super clean version of the two-strand twisted braid here. This look is both short hair and long hair friendly as ell, with plenty of ready-made extensions mocking this look that you can buy and not worry about styling. 

Here Bella Thorne rocks a more messy version of Heidi's style, leaving her bangs out, which is also a great idea if you're addicted to ponytails. Remember that the hairs around the perimiter of your forehead are the most delicate and prone to breakage. Protect your hairline by keeping the tension on your edges minimal or slim to none.

And just like Jenny, we loved this look from Fashion Week at Chanel Fall/Winter 2014! Turn things up a creative notch by rocking a scarf or textured ribbons in your ponytail too!

What's your favorite ponytail to rock? Tell us with a note below!

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