Time to supercharge your ponytail power!

Sometimes it can be hard to get out of a hairstyle rut. Your go-to look can either be hard to part with, or you simply don't know how to spruce it up. Looking to add some much-needed oomph to the go-to style of a ponytail? Cutler/Redken Stylist Jenny Balding has some great tips you can try.

If you missed Day One of Balding's Ponytail Profile Tutorial, check it out here.

For Day Two of Balding's expert advice, we step it up creative wise. For a different take on your usual pony, why not create small bubbles in the tail?

You can go with a really high ponytail like Blake Lively who rocked it at the Met Gala, or really low at the nape seen at Valentino this season in Paris.

For a high ponytail, Balding says you'll need to smooth hair into a really high ponytail just under the crown or wherever most suites your profile. "Make sure you secure tightly to keep it anchored so it doesn't get loose over time," the hair stylist suggested. 

"Brush your ponytail so it creates a smooth surface on top, but then back brush the underneath of the tail to create a puffy texture!  Then slightly smooth again to finish," the expert instructed.

Using a small band to tie, create small bubbles all the way down to create your look as desired.

Looking to do a low ponytail? Balding's got you covered there too.

"Start with either a low side or center part and smooth into really low ponytail at the nape," she said. "Again, secure tightly as this is your anchor. Same as above to create the tail." 

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