Everyone loves a ponytail! It's a timeless style for women of all ages.  

We see them everywhere - from work, to play, to runways, and red carpets, ponytails are here to stay!

Just ask new sensation Iggy Azalea and her cool take on the pony. Check out the tutorial here.

Looking for a new way to spice up this go-to hairstyle? We decided to tap Cutler/Redken Stylist Jenny Balding to get her professional take on what everyday gals like us can do to spice our hairstyle game up.

Balding has hooked us up with 3 amazing ponytail how-to's on a few of her favorites so we can all update our ponytail style. 

"Ponytails are a staple whether your hair is shorter or really long, there is a look for everyone one," Balding reassured us.  

Today, we focus on the low ponytail. This one is a great option for those of you who have gone a little scissor happy recently!

"With so many people chopping their long locks into textured shoulder length or above, bobs this year, the short low ponytail is a fashion staple," Balding reminded us of the recent short-hair-don't-care craze.

The only real problem we ever hear from short hair wearers is their stuggle to achieve pony tail in place. Here is Jenny's way to style it perfect everythime.

"Start with 'lived-in' hair as this will give you better control of your hair," the expert instructed. "You can add some texture powder or dry shampoo to create volume and texture to your hair so it doesn't look so flat to your head.

"Create a low side or center part and gather tight into the nape. The key here is to keep it really low to be effective," she dished. Placement is essential if you're working with shorter hair. Get low and stay low! 

You can always let some stray pieces fall gently around your face or keep it smooth and sleek.

Have you rocked the low pony? Let us know how you style it with a note below!