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Editors Gregory & Ashley Create Custom Fragrance With Scenterprises President and CEO Sue Phillips At NYC's SCENTSORIUM [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO}

ByAshley Joy Parker
Jul 10, 2014 02:35 PM EDT

These days, every celebrity seems to have their own signature fragrance, from Rihanna to Halle Berry and David Beckham to Usher. But ever wonder what it would be like if you could design and create your own signature scent? Fragrance expert Sue Phillips can help make that happen.

The President and CEO of Scenterprises, Phillips is a bonefide expert in cosmetics and perfume/fragrance fields and nearly six years ago, opened the first ever custom fragrance studio named The Scentsorium. Located in New York City's trendy TriBeCa neighborhood, at 85 Franklin Street, anyone can create their own signature scent in the gorgeous fragrance oasis, which is decorated by Phillip's own mother's unique artwork.

"I started the custom fragrance company because there were so many fragrances coming out, especially so many celebrity fragrances" says Phillips. "Now everyone has the opportunity to create their own fragrance and it's really taken off."

At the Scentsorium, Phillips brings an unequivocal "scent-sory" experience to all types of customers, ranging from men and women, to corporate and bridal, to the everyday consumer looking to expand his/her creative horizons. Starting with a fragrance quiz, Phillips helps her clients determine which notes (from summery citrus to warm woody) may be best suited for their lifestyle and personality. Then she helps them mix and match their favorites to create a special blend all their own.

"It's all about customization," says Phillips. "It's so much fun, so interactive, so creative. There is no bad combination."

Originally from South Africa, Phillips began her career at Elizabeth Arden, where she traveled around the country as training director conducting beauty training seminars and was soon promoted into product development for Color Cosmetics.

"Growing up, I was always into the senses - art, music, fragrance," she says. "I loved the smells of the earth, especially the rich, earthy pungent aromas in South Africa."

Phillips entered the world of Chloe, Lagerfeld and Burberry as their marketing director and was soon hired by Lancôme Paris, where she worked as marketing director for Fragrance & Men's Skincare, launched Programme Homme and developed the fragrance introduction for Tresor. Soon thereafter Phillips was hired as Vice President of Fragrance Marketing for Tiffany & Company and developed the first iconic TIFFANY perfume for the 150th anniversary.

"The biggest mistake is trying to find a fragrance that someone else wore that you might like. Fragrance is different on every skin which is why it's important to come learn about the blends and and different scents individually," she says. "Also never scrub your writs with fragrance because It crushes the oils and don't do the classic spray and walk through because it lands in your hand which will mix with your shampooo and condition and your fragrance will be contaminated."

Take a look at their scent journey in the video below and to experience your own personal fragrance experience, visit

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