Ever doll yourself up not just to feel good, but also to get your guy to notice?

Well it turns out your efforts might be all for naught according to Cosmopolitan Magazine writer Frank Kobola .

The man who gives women insight into the male psyche recently appeared on FOX News and left us beauty junkies with some cold hard facts.

"Men are notoriously bad at picking up on small details," he explained. 'It's not because we don't care, it's because we're not paying attention to what's going on."

So just what are guys glossing over that women often pay so much attention to? Check out the list of beauty details men frequently miss below:

No makeup on. "Women never believe this, but sometimes we don't notice you're not wearing makeup. We really don't," Kabola admitted.  And then we get yelled at for lying. This is one of life's greatest mysteries."

Blush. "We don't know what blush is, so how can we even tell when you've changed it?"

Haircut. "Unless you shaved your head, we're not going to realize your hair is half an inch shorter, Kabola explained frankly.

Highlights. "It's your regular hair but with a few strands of color. At least give us a hint before getting mad."

Dark circles. "Sorry for getting lost in the vast and beautiful wilderness that are the deep pools of longing also known as your eyes and not noticing that you look kind of tired."

Cellulite. "Everyone is more critical of their own body. Personally, I don't think I've ever seen cellulite, but the countless times I've been called a liar tell me otherwise."

Lipstick. "Listen, there is the color "red lipstick." That is the only color of lipstick I'm aware of. I don't know what all these other colors are, but they're not real."

Shaved legs. "Unless you're coming at us like Sasquatch we probably can't tell you have a little bit of stubble on your legs," the guy guru said.

Gotta love a guy who's honest!