Zayn Malik

Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid’s Jewelry Collection is a Homage to Zayn Malik and Daughter
Despite her attempt to go incognito by wearing a black face mask, vibrant lime green beanie paired with a black printed cardigan, and dark acid-washed jeans, eagle-eyed fans still noticed Gigi Hadid's jewelry collection, featuring the initials of her daughter, Khai.
This Is The Small But Transformative Change In Gigi Hadid's Makeup
While Gigi Hadid has been on a lot of magazine covers, runways, and billboards, many might not have seen a little but transformative change she made with her look. She is recently choosing softer, more natural-looking eyebrows instead of the full, dark ones.
One Direction's Songwriter Reveals Zayn Malik Didn't Leave The Band Because Of Perrie Edwards
Zayn Malik has been at the center of rumors regarding why he left One Direction in March, however, the band's song writer insists his departure wasn't because of fiancée Perrie Edwards.
Perrie Edwards Reveals Wedding Details With Zayn Malik?
Various rumors of Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards’ relationship not going well have been rounding. While cheating rumors have been swirling, it doesn’t seem to phase the couple as they appear to be spending a lot of time together while they plan for their wedding.
Zayn Malik Cheating Allegations Continue: Swedish Model Claims She Slept With Malik 'Twice'
Zayn Malik may have conquered cheating rumors that suggested he was unfaithful to fiancée Perrie Edwards, however, another woman has come forward revealing that she slept with the star "twice" while the band was touring in Thailand.


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