Chanel Releases 2 New Shades of Nail Polish - Le Vernis

(Photo : Chanel / Le Vernis)

Beauty industry giant Chanel's latest release for its Spring 2024 collection includes two nail polish shades under the Le Vernis longwear nail polish line.

About Chanel Le Vernis

Le Vernis nail polishes by Chanel are renowned for their stunning colors and long-lasting formulas. They are inspired by the luxury fashion house's signature colors, delivering a protective, glossy finish and even coverage. Chanel introduced two new shades to its iconic Le Vernis line: Sun Drop and the limited edition Lagune.

New Color 117 - Sun Drop

Sun Drop, a stunning shade of light coral, is designed to create a glossy sheen with every coat, adding the perfect finishing touch to any look. The formula is enriched with high concentrations of pigments and camellia eco-ceramides for unparalleled hold and vibrant color that lasts.

New Color 179 - Lagune

Lagune is a beautiful metallic blue shade that adds a pop of color to your nails. Like Sun Drop, it is enriched with pigments and camellia eco-ceramides for a glossy finish that lasts. Apply two coats using the oversize brush applicator for beautiful-looking nails.

Other Colors

Chanel's Le Vernis nail polishes offer a stunning array of shades beyond the new releases. With 24 vibrant hues to choose from, each shade is a hallmark of the House's culture, expressing avant-garde and free spirit in every swipe. Whether you prefer classic tones or bold statements, Chanel has a color for every style and occasion.

Among the selection, you will find timeless classics like Ballerina, a soft pink, and Rouge Noir, a deep red that exudes elegance. For those seeking bolder choices, shades like Pirate, a vibrant red, and Rouge Cuir, a rich leather-toned red, make a striking statement. The collection also includes unique colors such as Skieuse, a snowy white, and Ovni, a mysterious deep purple.

Each Le Vernis shade is designed to deliver a glossy, long-lasting finish with rich, even color. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or simply want to add a pop of color to your everyday look, Chanel's Le Vernis collection offers a shade to suit every mood and style.

How to Use

To achieve the perfect Chanel manicure, start by preparing your nails. Wash your hands, file your nails, and remove any particles with a small brush. Wipe your nails clean with a cloth and apply La Creme Main hand cream. Push back your cuticles and remove oil from the nail surface using a cotton pad moistened with nail polish remover. Apply a thin layer of La Base followed by two coats of Le Vernis for a vivid, long-lasting color. Boost staying power and shine with Le Gel Coat for a flawless finish.