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Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Rihanna and Megan Fox
Summer's officially here and that means everyone is switching over to their lighter, more skin-friendly products, including celebs. We love the brand jane iredale and recently discovered that it's a favortie among stars Rihanna and Megan Fox.
A Perfect Woman? New Survey Reveals Ideas of Female Beauty
With many beauty products promising to prevent and combat everything from acne to wrinkles, it's easy to believe that human beings can come close to physical perfection. But what about when we pose the question, "Is there a such thing as the perfect woman?"
Take Note: Avon 'Instinct' Fragrance
We love scent-sations and Avon's new "Instinct" fragrances have our noses up in the air.
Megan Fox Makeup Tips: Get the Actress' Sultry Look in 10 Minutes [VIDEO]
Megan Fox is known around Hollywood for being a naturally seductive beauty. Although we all could not have the luxury of being born Megan Fox we can at least replicate here look with the help from Nic over at Pixiwoo Madness.
Megan Fox Makeup Tips: Beauty Secrets Revealed [PHOTOS]
Who knew that you cold learn beauty tips from Megan Fox? The gorgeous actress is famous for her exuding sex appeal, and of course her acting talents, and we can't help but want to look like her.
Megan Fox Stunning Post Pregnancy Figure, "I Only Gained 23 Pounds"
Megan Fox reveals post pregnancy figure, gained only 23 pounds while pregnant.


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