Fruity Infused Beauty: Facials, Masks, Peels, Serums & Skin Care For Summer
With summer in full swing and many exotic fruits in season, many women are realizing the amazing benefits of using fruit-infused beauty products. From at-home treatments like avocado masks to highly refined Amazon superfruit moisturizing serums, it seems like everyone is into applying fruit to their...
Diet Tips: Study Says Eat 7 Servings of Fruit & Vegetables Daily is Optimal For Health
We just got through tellin you all abotu the new nutrition labels that will soon be coming down the pip. Now here'a little extra advice for those looking to slim down this spring. A newly released study out of the United Kingdom revealed today that people who eat up to seven servings of fruit and...
Celebrate National Grapefruit Month with Zesty Skin Care, Perfume, and Body Wash Buys!
February is often recognized as a month for love (and, unfortunately, a bit of snow). But did you know it is also National Grapefruit Month? While grapefruit is certainly an acquired taste, you can enjoy the benefits of this superfruit when incorporated into your skincare routine. Rich in antioxi...


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