February is often recognized as a month for love (and, unfortunately, a bit of snow). But did you know it is also National Grapefruit Month?

While grapefruit is certainly an acquired taste, you can enjoy the benefits of this superfruit when incorporated into your skin care and beauty routine. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, grapefruit extract can provide many benefits, such as evening skin tone, exfoliating and working as the perfect astringent for oily or acne-prone skin. Check out a few of our fruity beauty picks in the slideshow above.

So what exactly makes this citrus fruit such a skin care standout? It's another one of Mother Nature's beauty secrets!

Grapefruit, like its citrusy cousins, is filled with Vitamin C. Vitamin C is great for helping to combat the environmental factors that can often bring on premature aging by affecting the collagen in our skin. Remember skin is the largest organ of the body, constantly combatting harmful agents like pollution and UV rays that can bring on wrinkles and fine lines faster.  With Vitamin C, skin is allowed to hold on to its elasticity for a more youthful appearance and firmer skin. Grapefruit also contains the antioxidant known as retinol, which helps to repair damaged skin cells and help promote evenness and clarity in complexion.

And grapefruit is great news for those suffering from blemish woes. Acne, redness, and rashes can be prevented or improved with this fruity skin care lifesaver. Grapefruit extracts can help boost the pH of the skin, which can help skin's bumps, pimples, and imperfections to diminish.  

There are tons of beauty products infused with grapefruit, but using the fruit itself always works too! Adding it to your diet works all the skin care wonders mentioned above. What's more, you can solve blemishes on the body by cutting a grapefruit in half, adding a teaspoon of sugar, and rubbing over your skin to help lightly exfoliate the problem area.  

Are you a fan of grapefruit? Let us know with a note below!