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DIY Facial
DIY Homemade Spa Treatments For Clear Skin, Dry Skin, Acne & Scaly Skin
All us ladies know that spa days are like heaven on earth! However, during the holidays we trade the luxury of the spa for holiday stress. Z Living brings a little piece of heaven to you with 9 natural recipes to exfoliate, rejuvenate and tone your skin while you are at home:
Miranda Kerr Launches KORA Organics Skincare Line in Japan
Behind every model is an awesome skincare line that she swears by. Miranda Kerr is finally dishing on what keeps her skin supermodel worthy with the debut of KORA Organics.
Naya Rivera Says 'Enough is Enough' to Acne: Steps to Clear Skin [PHOTO]
Whether it is summer, winter, or fall, everyone would prefer to have clear throughout the year. What we do not realize if we actually took the time to take care our skin we may not have the difficult struggle of acne be it occasional or constant. According to in order to banish zits there...
Be Eco-Beautiful with Alejandra Nerizagal
Alejandra Nerizagal's 18 years of industry experience as a hair and makeup artist have made her our go-to for all things beautifully eco-friendly. With her work regularly featured in Glamour, Italian Vogue, Details, GQ, and Nylon, Alejandra specializes in organic beauty and offered us some eye-open...
Keep Your Skin Ph Balanced with Sebamed Skincare
While most of us assume healthy even, skin comes from a good diet, water consumption, low stress levels and lots of sleep, Sebamed explains that the science behind good skin lies in its pH balance. With a unique line of skincare products available at your local drugstore, Sebamed aims to help keep...


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