Keep Your Skin Ph Balanced with Sebamed Skincare

While most of us assume healthy even, skin comes from a good diet, water consumption, low stress levels and lots of sleep, Sebamed explains that the real science behind good skin lies in its pH balance.  With a unique line of skincare products available at your local drugstore, Sebamed aims to help keep skin's outermost layer at the ideal pH of 5.5.  According to Sebamed, a pH of 5.5 is where skin is optimized with the slightly acidic pH keeping the acid mantle barrier protected to seal in moisture and keep out external irritants like pollution and bacteria, so skin looks dewy, plump and glowing. 

Sebamed has key tips for healthy skin.  The first?  Don't wash skin with soap and water.  Traditional soap can have a pH up to 9, leaving skin dry, tight and vulnerable to damage.  Sebamed says ditch the soap and switch to an alkali-free cleanser like Sebamed's Cleansing Bar. This gentle and uniquely formulated bar won't strip natural oils from your face or body.  Developed by dermatologists, the Sebamed Cleansing Bar is ultra-mild and compatible with even the most sensitive, acne-prone skin. It cleanses deep into pores without causing dryness or irritation like a regular soap can.

Whether your beauty routine is 10 steps or 2, we all know that moisturizing is the "not-to-be-skipped" step.  Sebamed offers a light pH balanced Body Lotion that you won't have to reapply.  The Body Lotion contains a rapidly absorbing, non-greasy formula of glycerin and sorbitol to preserve skin's ideal moisture balance and natural pH buffer ingredients like sodium citrate and sodium lactate.

Rebalance and repair skin with an overnight treatment.  While many overnight treatments promise to hydrate, soothe and repair skin, Sebamed's Anti-Dry Night Intensive Cream is uniquely formulated to relieve tight, dry skin, accelerate cell recovery to remedy skin damage, and calm irritation from the days' external irritants.  This nightly treatment is designed to increase elasticity and smooth skin by replenishing lipids and preventing moisture loss.

Sebamed also helps keep hair healthy.  From root to tip, shiny, voluminous hair starts with a healthy scalp.  The Sebamed Everyday Shampoo gently washes hair and scalp with a mild formula to preserve its natural oils and protect against irritation.  The Sebamed Repair Conditioner combines science and nature to help hair look radiant and feel soft and smooth.  These botanically-based products retain moisture in the scalp, restoring hair shaft's structure and elasticity, with silk proteins to boost volume and shine.  The pH value of 5.5 in the Sebamed hair care products help protect against dehydration and frizz.

For more of the science behind Sebamed Skincare, read the positive reviews online and purchase the line at your local CVS.

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