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Naughty Or Nice: Holiday Beauty Tips From Celebrity Makeup Artist Erica Gonzalez
'Tis the season for fabulosity! Holiday parties always offer up the perfect opportunity to debut a new look. But the questions is, are you more naughty or nice? We've tapped celebrity makeup artist Erica Gonzalez to help us all figure out which side of the beauty festivities we fall on. First up, Te...
Perfect for Summer: Cargo Water Resistant Blush & Bronzer
With our goal to bring you all things beauty that are perfect for the season, we just had to make sure all you makeup mavens are aware of Cargo Cosmetics and their water resistant blushes and bronzers. Beauty innovation at its finest.
Waterproof Your Makeup With Michelle Phan
Who doesn't fantasize about being a beautiful mermaid, swimming the tropical ocean with perfectly placed makeup that never runs or smudges? Well maybe you don't get that detailed, but that's what we have YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan for!
Beauty Buys For Fourth Of July
Independence Day will soon be here! Time for all things red, white, and blue beauty! Click through the slideshow above to see our picks for the prettiest patriots and let us know which looks you're loving in the comments section below. Tweet and Facebook us your Fourth of July hair, nails, and ma...


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