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Top 10 Bad Breath Culprits: Periodontist Lists Foods That Cause Bad Breath
We all know our teeth are important for eating, talking, and smiling. When it comes to maintaining your pearly whites, Periodontist Dr. Nicholas Toscanois your man. He has been responsible for the some of the most famous smiles in the country including George W. Bush, Bill and Hilary Clinton. ...
Bad Breath Cures: Reasons For Chronic Odor & Halitosis Part 2
So if you mised part One of our expose on bad breath, click here. Ready for part 2. We tapped Dr. Kross, inventor of Breath Appeal products, to fill us in on what truly causes this total beauty buzz kill. Bad breath is a constant worry for all of us, and sometimes some of our favorite summer ...
Bad Breath Cures: Reasons For Chronic Odor & A Halitosis Remedy, Treatments & Cures Part 1
Don't ya just love that great social buzz kill, bad breath? Not! Bad breath makes any look, no matter how gorgeous, turn into a total beauty bust! Sometimes a quick brush of the teeth or life-saving mint can do the trick, but other times it can be much tougher to get rid of. "For a significant...


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