So if you mised part One of our expose on bad breath, click here.

Ready for Part 2? We tapped Dr. Kross, inventor of Breath Appeal products, to fill us in on what truly causes this total beauty buzz kill. 

Bad breath is a constant worry for all of us, and sometimes some of our favorite summer foods and beverages can trigger odor. Aside from BBQ, it looks like America's favorite over 21 beverage is a chronic culprit too.

"Just as your favorite beer or cocktail leaves an unpleasant residual odor in your mouth, frequent and long-term alcohol consumption can throw your mouth's bacterial balance out of whack from dehydration," Dr. Kross warned us of our favorite lager and margaritas.

"Saliva acts as a natural barrier to germs - it creates an environment that they can't tolerate," he explained. "If you have a dry mouth, whether from dehydration related to alcohol consumption, heat, or a medication you're prescribed, you lose that defense against germs."

And as if on cue to treat your favorite summer habits, Aug. 6th is National Fresh Breath Day, which reminds us that our family, friends, coworkers and neighbors would prefer the same courtesy that most of them extend to you - breath that doesn't make you want to make you slowly back away during a conversation!

"We've all had those moments when we were distracted from what someone was saying because of their bad breath," Kross said candidly. "It really can affect your social life."

"No one is too young to experience bad breath, and school children of all ages who are seeking structure and acceptance at the beginning of a school year can suffer a traumatizing setback if they're teased about their breath," Kross said.

Make sure to practicing good oral hygiene this summer with regular brushing and flossing.

"If the problem persists, remember that most traditional mints and sprays merely blanket underlying odors for the short term," Kross reminded us.

What summer foods require a mint right afterwards? Tell us what you think needs to go on this list with a note below!