Thigh Gap Trend: New CoolSculpting Procedure Helping Women Achieve Look Part 2


So many women are into the thigh gap trend now that when we heard about the new CoolSculpting procedure, we knew we had to share all the deets. We tapped our resident plastic surgery expert Dr. Geldner and got the 411 on how this procedure works.

So to recap, CoolSculpt is an FDA approved, non-invasive body contouring and fat reduction technology. The procedure helps women achieve the look of having their thighs not touch by infusing specific areas of the body with controlled cooling that freezes the fat cells in the targeted layer of fat. 

Now while we are bringing you the latest on women are getting their thigh gap on, we have to remind our readers to think of the results within reason! After the Target ad debacle, let's remember that legs are still meant to be close to each other. We asked Dr. Geldner some additional questions on this procedure to get all the facts. Check out his responses below:

How long do the results last? Is it noticeable?

Patients start to see results as early as three weeks following the treatment, and full results are typically seen within one to three months of the procedure. Fat cells are permanently eliminated after the process, and patients can maintain results with exercise and a healthy diet.

Any side effects or bruising?

There is no significant recovery. Patients may be sore for a few days, but it is seldom more uncomfortable than a bruise.

Advice for women considering the procedure?

The CoolSculpt procedure is ideal for those who don't want to take time off from work. There are no needles, nothing invasive, no pre-operative doctor visits, no drugs and no drainage. After a few hours of lying around listening to music, reading a book or watching Netflix, the procedure is done.

Any additional ways to keep our bodies slim and trim after cool sculpting?

Maintain an active lifestyle and follow a healthy diet so new fat isn't created. 

Into the thigh gap trend? Tell us with a note below!

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