Dwight Howard Caught in Scandal; New Photos, iMessage Screen Grabs Proving Affair with Minor, Instagram Memes Emerge

Houston Rockets player Dwight Howard is caught in a scandal involving a rumor that he had a relationship with a minor. While new evidences emerge, Instagram memes poked fun at the basketball star and his rumored sexual appetite for younger girls.  

The 28-year-old NBA player reportedly had a relationship with an underage girl named "Debbie."

The rumors began to spark with "Debbie" tweeted, "@RIVII: @DwightHoward really ain't s--t and I need y'all to know that."

Later on, "Debbie" deleted her Twitter profile and no reports about her real name have been disclosed, Hollywood Life has learned.

After the scandal broke out, a lot of innovative and hilarious memes were posted on Instagram making fun of Howard and his alleged preference to be with underage girls.  

On the other hand, new photos and iMessage screen grabs have emerged online proving the relationship between "Debbie" and Howard.

Based on the iMessage screen grabs, "Debbie" exchanged messages with one of Howard's friends, whose name is still undisclosed.

In their text message conversation, the teenage girl seemed to be angry because Howard had not contacted her.

"U played me. And u don't even know my age. Smh. U think it's a game. I shared things wih you that I ain't never told anybody. U claim u ain't have my number but u knew everybody else's. U wanted to talk to me when u were ready. U ain't say nothing during playoffs. Nothin after playoffs 'til now. I saw you everyday sending IG Snapchat. But I ain't exist 'til now," "Debbie's" text message read. 

Howard's friend then replied, "I did not play you, Dwight and I didn't have your number, man I had got a new phone and then figured out how to use iCloud, that's bold af. I talked to you everytime..." 

Moreover, Instagram photos were leaked showing a man who looks like Howard giggling with two girls, who appear to be teenagers, holding hands with one of them in a hotel room with platters of room service food on a table, Atlanta Daily World reported.

Whether the photos were genuine or photoshopped is yet to be confirmed.  

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