Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Pam Grier

This week, we honor classic beauty, Pam Grier.

The first African-American woman to be the lead in an action film, Grier was a popular actress during the 1970's, appearing in many blaxploitation films. Her killer good looks and dare devil persona were an instant box office hit.

A true natural beauty, Grier was discovered by a casting director and takes pride in the fact that she was chosen for her natural beauty. "I didn't have any makeup on, and I was raw," she explained. "That rawness came from my upbringing. My granddaddy was from Wyoming, and he wanted all the girls in our family to hunt and fish. So this gave me a kind of confidence that I think they hadn't seen before and wanted to use in these films."

Rising to fame at a time when the Woman's Movement had liberated the female sex from traditional roles, Grier talked about how she decided to make her beauty hers and hers alone.

"I wanted to be pretty for me and not for you," she explained. "Maybe you didn't know me or my background, but I was coming from the women's movement. I brought some edginess and authenticity. My hair wasn't pressed. I didn't wear wigs. I had a big 'fro and scars, no makeup."

"Other actresses had lots of makeup and plucked eyebrows. Actually I did need some plucking. And I probably could have used some waxings. I didn't realize how hairy I was."

Pam Grier is proof that no makeup can have all the makings for being beautiful. So what is this famous Hollywood star's secrets to maintaining her gorgeous good looks at age 64?

"Practice yoga and your body will change," the avid yogi instructed. "You'll need certain food that will not put weight on you and you'll have more energy. If you want your hair to grow, eat a little avocado and olive oil, and keep your dairy down."

"Eat just a little yogurt with the probiotics, which will give you energy. I drink coconut water, which is cleansing, gives you energy and is very, very healthy."

Check out the fun Pam Grier tutorial below and let us know what you think with a note!

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