Engagement Ring Selfie: Dr. Ostad Introduces "The Hand Lift" To Rejuvenate The Hands of Brides-To-Be

Our faces aren't the only parts of our body making the best of the selfie phenomenon. Forget about the belfie and look down at your right and your left.

There's yet another reason to want pristine, wrinkle free hands. A new report is out that reveals brides to be are looking to get hands rejuvenated for a very specific reason.

 You've heard of the selfie but have you seen those hand shots of newly engaged gals proudly showing off their rings?

Well turns out this new engagement ring selfie trend is inspiring many women to get their hands spruced up before they post their own newly engaged hand selfie. Go figure!

Dubbed "The Hand Lift," recent reports reveal that women are using the injectible anti-aging treatment Juvederm, with doctors able to turn aging hands with visible tendons and veins into plumper, more youthful-looking  ones so they can look better when showing off their stunning stunning new rocks.

Lasting about nine months, the results can start to be seen almost instantly, if you're willing to shell out for the cost of younger new hands. The procedure costs around $1,200.

This procedure is the same as the one we reported on a while back. Sex In The City actress Sarah Jessica Parker was among the known celebs to have undergone hand rejuvenation to get rid of her 'zombie hands.' Read more on what the procedure involves HERE.

Channel 11 News also reported on the trendy new hand selfie procedure, with Dr. Ostad appearing on-camera and applying the injections to a patient that was also a soon-to-be married. 

Bride-to-be and New Yorker Alexandra Berry, was ready and willing to go under the needle. "I always thought my hands were a little boyish growing up so I figured why not,' she told PIX 11. "Engagement pictures are just around the corner and there's no better time."

Ostad says he's doing increasingly more of the procedures these days, in part due to the hand selfie trend.

What do you think of this new fad? Would you day 'I do' and try it? Tell us with a note!

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