The surge in plastic surgery has been in the media headlines a lot lately. Whether based on unrealistic images, Photoshop debacles, or the popularity of the new selfie culture, more and more women are going under the knife. But at least now there is a new way for potential patients to see what their new faces and/or bodies will look like post-op.

A new piece of technology is taking the guesswork out of plastic surgery with a digital rendering of the final results before the procedure even takes place.

Dr. Peter Geldner, Chicago-based Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, is one of the few plastic surgeons in the country with the VECTRA 3-D Imaging System and believes that this piece of technology will change the industry.

"With this technology, we can show a patient what his or her body will look like following the desired procedure so there's no guessing about an outcome," explained Dr. Geldner.

The VECTRA System works by using advanced three-dimensional photographic simulations to scan the body and capture a 3-D digital image. The software allows the surgeon to manipulate the proportions of the image, offering the patient a realistic expectation of the final product.

"If a woman is interested in breast augmentation but is on the fence regarding size, VECTRA will provide projections of various implant sizes so she can make the most educated decision," the physician told us.

Dr. Geldner continued to explain the device's benefits for asymmetry corrections. "The VECTRA System is ideal for the correction of breast asymmetry in augmentation, lifts and reductions. It's an out-of-the-box way to improve patient expectations, as well as a way to more aggressively plan the surgeries."