Ardency Inn Unveils Americana Campaign For Spring 2014

Ardency Inn, a new makeup brand rooted in the downtown New York music scene has launched their Spring 2014 Americana Campaign featuring indie pop singer Seasick Mama and their Americana product collection.

In true Ardency Inn fashion, the campaign is a liftstyle photo story that takes the viewers on a makeup journey with New York as a backdrop and music blasting all the way. This time around, Seasick Mama and Ardency Inn take us on a road trip to Woodstock involving pit stops at a 70's motel and local gas station, an impromtu performance inside a mythic recording studio, and some relaxing time close to nature.

The Americana Product collection is composed of innovative complexion products with an ultra-natural finish and nude color cosmetics inspired by the multi-cultural heritage and effortless beauty of downtown New York. Leading the pack is Americana's Custom Coverage Concentrate, a revolutionary pigment concentrate that adds a natural flesh tone to any moisturizer, turning it into a custom tinted moisturizer, liquid foundation or concealer! How cool is that?!

The full Americana collection includes:

Americana Custom Coverage Concentrate: Get a naturally flawless-looking complexion every day. While traditional foundations only offer one level of coverage, even when layering, Americana Custom Coverage Concentrate provides the exact amount of coverage you need only where you need it. Mix a drop of with any water-based moisturizer to create your custom tinted foundation, tinted moisturizer, or concealer. Adjust the amount of concentrate based on your desired level of coverage. The more concentrate, the more coverage. Get your shade for $38.

Americana Natural Lip Color Pencil: The creamy formula of these lip pencils glide on silky smooth for sexy, soft lips. Shea, cocoa, and shorea butters moisturize, nourish, and soothe lips while antioxidants provide protection against the sun's harmful rays. This pencil is available in five natural lip color shades: Delancey, Bowery, Houston, Essex, and Kenmare. The convenient propel/repel delivery system is great for touch-ups on the go. Try one for $23.  

Americana Ultra Lightweight Skin Perfecting Primer: This silicone-free, water-based formula brings a refreshing burst of hydration and as it firms and absorbs excess oil in the skin. Fast-acting hydrators give an instant soft, supple texture to the skin while pore tightening ingredients prep the skin for perfect foundation application. The absence of silicon in the formula ensures a lightweight texture that won't clog pores and a matte finish that will last throughout the day. Use alone for a fresh, natural look or before foundation for a smooth, flawless palette. Get it for $34.

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