Dare to transform your hair instantly! And all by yourself!

Introducing DIY Dye, a comprehensive step-by-step guide to fun, temporary hair coloring.

Go wild with a fire engine red accent streak. Be cool with forest-green tips. Or look bold with a whole head of purple locks! DIY Dye will also teach you how to create a personalized look with any color and style imaginable using coloring kits, chalks, henna, food coloring, and even Kool-Aid packets, so there's no salon necessary! Now that's beauty on a budget.

With DIY Dye you'll get the 411 on every aspect of at-home coloring, including picking the right dye, concocting original hues, adding highlights, getting an ombre in any color and much more. You can change your hair as often as every day, week, or month!  Who do we have to thank for this hair care innovation? Meet author Loren Lankford, whose worked with magazines CosmoGIRL!, Cosmopolitan, Entertainment Weekly, and Jane.  

"Choosing to dye your hair-and in what ways-says a lot about your personality and the kind of image of yourself you want to project to the world," explained the author and beauty expert. "Much like your fashion choices or preferred makeup style helps describe you to others, your hair color and the way it is laid out might say that you're a fiery redhead at heart or a wannabe blonde. No matter where you fall along the spectrum, there are hundreds of different ways to enhance your look."

Want an accent streak of fire-engine red? How about forest-green tips? Or maybe you're daring enough to transform your locks into a rainbow of bright colors? It's all up to you!  With DIY Dye and some imagination, you can easily personalize your hair with any color and style imaginable, and all right at home.

Check out the 128-page read online for just $12.

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