Don't you just love getting the beauty secret scoop on you're your favorite red carpet stars?

Well, it turns out that before they walked the red carpet for the 71st Annual Golden Globes Awards, stars like Amy Adams, Naomi Watts, Liev Schrieber, Anna Gunn, and our favorite nail junkie Zooey Deschanel were all treated to indulgent spa experiences courtesy of Babor's new collection, Babor Spa.

Launching in March, Babor Spa strikes a chord with four unique product lines that can be used at home, as well as part of soothing salon spa treatments.

"Designed for the perfect does of me time, the new Babor body care collection seeks to deliver an experience that goes beyond that momentary indulgence," the brand explained. 

The collection is set to include Babor Shaping for Body with stem cells from elsberry to improve the figure, Energizing Lime Mandarin, Relaxing Lavender Mint and Balancing Cashmere Wood, all with cells from the champagne pear.

Developed alongside the Fraunhofer Institut exclusively for their brand, Babor combined the latest discoveries in stem cell research with age-old tried and true beauty emollients to create their new line. With exquisite fragrance compositions, Babor has used the ancient power of centuries old rare fruits, the champagne pear and elsberry to create an active anti-aging effect. The powerful ingredients extracted from these fruits using stem cell technology are said to be an innovation for the world of skin care.

"Stem cells play a crucial role in skin regeneration, as they are responsible for forming new skin cells," a Babor spokesperson explained. Often referred to as undifferentiated cells, they can perform the most diverse functions. Damage to these stem cells by free radicals can slow cell regeneration, causing the skin to age.

"The stem cells found within Babor Spa effectively protect the skin's own stem cells and thus extend their lifespan. In this way, we combine anti-aging body effects with fragrant moments of indulgence."

Look for the Babor Spa collection in March on