We're still reeling from the Golden Globes Sunday night and we're not alone! Celebrity hair stylist, Mark Hill, shared his trendy point of view with Beauty4Media recently. Of the trends Mark spotted, the expert counted two major looks on the red carpet. Check out his style observations and let us know what you think with a note below!

Vintage. "It's the vintage glam look which is so hot - from the waves of the 1930's the full on 1950's glamour of side swept waves and the height of the 1960's, lots of celebs went for this look," Hill explained.

Best Vintage Hair of the Night:  Taylor Swift. "Taylor was a celeb who went for the vintage look. Smooth on the top sections, the rest of her hair was pinned into waves and curls," Mark noted.

Get the look. The only way to get this vintage look is by using a vintage method - rollers!  Use Va Va Voom Blow Dry Mousse on damp hair and then set using rollers.  "Let your hair dry completely or speed up the process by using your hairdryer," Mark suggested. "Once dry, use a natural bristle brush to brush out the roller marks and use your fingers to smooth and push your hair into waves and curls.  Leave the waves long and loose if you prefer, or use fine pins to keep the style close to your head." 

Buns. "Classic and always chic, chignons and knots always have a place on the red carpet," Mark said.  

Best Bun Hair of the Night:  It's a tie! Mark awards the honor to both Zooey Deschanel and Amy Adams.  

"Zooey looked amazing in an Oscar de la Renta dress with embellished cropped top and full skirt.  Her soft side swept chignon complemented the dress beautifully," Hill remarked. "The smooth side swept fringe gave a nod to the glam looks of the 1950's, but was brought bang up to date with the textured chignon.  Topped with the cream rose accessory, Zooey got it right from head to toe and was probably one of my favorites looks of the night."

Get the look. To get the look at home, apply Va Va Voom Mousee throughout your hair and then dry using a round brush. "Point your dryer down each section of hair and angle it in the opposite direction to which it will eventually fall to give maximum volume," Mark said. "Make sure you get as much volume as possible around the crown area, as this gives the final style the height it needs."  

When all of your hair is dry, add large Velcro rollers to the crown area, and spray with a little Work it Girl Shine and Control Spray.  Leave for a few minutes and then remove the rollers.  "Comb through and create a soft parting to one side. Take your hair back into a loose ponytail just behind the opposite ear and secure with a hair tie.  Now, loosely twist the pony tail around until it loops back on itself, and secure it with hairpins," Hill instructed.  "Always allow short layers and loose ends to stick out of the chignon to give the soft texture."

Get the look. "Amy Adams wore her hair in a high bun but gave it a modern twist by adding small plaits and braids to her style," Hill noted. "This style could be quite harsh for some as it pulls tightly around the front hairline, but by adding just a few plaits or twists gives real softness to the style.  They also give the illusion of extra height to her style to complement her low cut dress."

Which look is your fave? Let us know with a note!