Skin Care for the Slopes: Beauty Expert Malvina Fraser Offers Her Tips

With the skiing season now in full swing, it's time for many to hit the slopes! Glistening snow, hot chocolate in front of the fire and incredible mountain views; what more could you ask for?

But after a full day on the mountains, when it's time to get ready for the evening, there is often one slight snag in beauty plans: our windswept faces! The combination of the cold weather and the UV rays can wreak havoc on our skin, so if you are heading to the slopes this year, it is important to take special care.

Leading skin care expert Malvina Fraser believes that one of the most affected areas while skiing, is our eyes. Her products and skin care knowlege have received fantastic feedback from celebrities such as pop star icon Kylie Monogue. "On the mountains where you are high up and with the reflection off the white snow, the sun is incredibly powerful. So it is important to be prepared before you head out there," Fraser explained.

Malvina's number one tip? Keep the eyes top of mind by treating them with an effective formula in the morning or evening. "As we age, our skin loses elasticity and fine lines and crow's feet appear around our eye area," the expert said.  Among her line of products, Malvina offers a 'super cream' of purified soy, rice peptides and yeast protein to reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eye. Argireline, the active ingredient that forms the base of this product acts in a similar way to Botox and is a mild, natural alternative.

For the best way to use an eye cream while you're taking a break from the slopes, Malvina has some great advice. "Pop your eye cream in the fridge in the morning before you leave to go skiing and when you return in the evening, leave the cream on for five minutes before rinsing off. This will leave your skin looking and feeling as fresh as a daisy. By concentrating on the facial muscles under the skin, over time, the cream works to give a tightening and lifting effect."

All of Malvina's skin care products are available to buy now online at  

Hitting the slope this year? Tell us what you'll do to keep skin healthy and protected with a note below!

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