Top 10 Makeup in a Music Video Moments Countdown: #1

It's here! It's finally here! The moment we've all been waiting for. It's time to reveal who snatched the top spot in our Makeup in a Music Video Moments Countdown. Counting down some of the best makeup to appear in a music video has given us so much more beauty inspiration. From grunge, to rock, and back to pop, we've got almost every music genre's swag down. After getting tips on how to recreate this #1 beauty, rock out to the song and watch the artist belt out their hit in the video we always include below. If you've missed any of our countdown so far, check out who came in at what spot here.

#1- Madonna in Like A Virgin

Yes, the one and only legendary pop icon, Madonna, nabs the top spot. How couldn't she? Pushing the limits and breaking all the rules, this music legend burst onto the scene during the 1980's in a big way. Becoming an overnight sensation, Madonna would always be ahead of the curve both music and style wise to help inspire so many of the new music icons to follow after her.

Described as a "street-smart dance queen with the sexy allure of Marilyn Monroe, the coy iciness of Marlene Dietrich and the cutting and protective glibiness of a modern Mae West," only a fiercely confident and creative musical talent that is Madonna could have pulled off Like A Virgin. The song, amidst all it's popularity, also received a lot of criticism for its provocative music video imagery. All controversy aside, however, let's get into the hair and makeup!

Can we bask in the quintessential 80's moment that Madonna serves up in this video for a moment? Super smoked out eyes, red lips, her classic beauty mark, with hair teased/accessorized to the highest heights. Funny enough, Madonna actually did her own makeup early on. Soon however, fame would send the star a certified pro.

Debi Mazar had the honor of working on the Material Girl during the Like A Virgin Concert Tour. "My only issue was trying to keep the makeup on her, so I tended to use a lot of creams because of the sweat factor," Mazar explained. "All those new ingredients like luminizers and silicones slip off-they look great when you're just sitting around, but on stage the makeup actually needs to hold on. So I used products that wouldn't fall off the face."

Check out how to get Madonna's iconic look from the expert who created it herself. "I used pan stick on her skin, liquid liner to define her eyes, and I would rub lipstick on her cheeks to give them color," Debi said. "And back then they hadn't come out with the ingredients that really makes the color stick to your lips!" Thank the beauty gods for innovation!

And when it comes to grooming, not everything was smooth sailing. "I was forever trying to get her to pluck those eyebrows," Mazar recalled. "She would never go for it - it was her Latin heritage and she wanted to keep them. It wasn't until François Nars came in and convinced her to pluck them at a Stephen Meisel shoot that she agreed to do it."

Check out Madonna's classic video below, along with a fun tutorial and let us know what you think of our number one choice with a note!

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