Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery: "KUWTK" Patriarch Cancelling Cosmetic Procedure on Adam's Apple, Angry at Beverly Hills Surgeon After Consultations [REPORT]

Bruce Jenner may have been thinking about more plastic surgery, but he has cancelled the procedure on his Adam's Apple. Why? It looks like the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" patriarch is angry at the Beverly Hills surgeon that he went to for consultations.

According to TMZ, the 64-year-old former Olympic track star called his doctor on Friday to stop his scheduled surgery to flatten his Adam's Apple.

Sources connected with Jenner told the celebrity news site that he was upset that information about the surgery leaked out. The reality TV star, who separated from wife Kris Jennerblamed people in the doctor's office.  In fact, Jenner was so angry that he told the office that he was taking his business elsewhere.

Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian's stepfather had two consultations with the surgeon. News broke recently that he had planned to have a Laryngeal Shave to flatten his Adam's Apple, and a nose job.  

TMZ reported that the procedure was scheduled for next Wednesday. 

But now it looks like Kylie and Kendall Jenner's dad  won't go through with going under the knife immediately. Sources said to TMZ that Jenner wanted a smaller nose, but the star explained that he is looking to get work done because of scar tissue after cancer removal surgery.

The news about Jenner's possible surgery had sparked rumors that the was trying to become a woman. Multiple medical sources had told TMZ that many patients who get a Laryngeal Shave is almost always the first step in gender reassignment. But Jenner chalked it up to one single thing.

"I just didn't like my trachea," Jenner told the celebrity news site about wanting to have surgery.

At this point, Jenner had spoken with his family and told them the surgery is now off. But he may go under the knife at a different plastic surgeon's office.

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