Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery: 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Teen Star Goes Under Knife? Instagram Pictures Stir Up Controversy [SEE NOW]

Did Kylie Jenner get plastic surgery? The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" teen star stirred up controversy about going under the knife after a few Instagram pictures went viral.

According to The Stir, the word on the street is that the 16-year-old got breast implants. 

[For the photos, click HERE.]

Kendall Jenner's baby sister is facing a lot of tough rumors once again. Some fans and media reports have had a lot to say about this speculation surrounding the young model.

"She's still just a kid!," said The Stir's Stefanie Favicchio. "Of course, this is only a rumor (which I'm praying is fabricated), but still, even the chance that there is some truth to this is really, really sad."

Wondering how the rumors spread so fast? As of late, Jaden Smith's rumored girlfriend had taken to social media to post very sexy selfies, showing off her amble cleavage, which seemed to appear overnight.

The PacSun has grown up on television, having taped the popular E! reality show with her family since 2007. For the most part, Kris and Bruce Jenner's daughter hadn't gotten very hypersexualized in her appearance until now. 

Looks have always been something that captivated the public and paparazzi. Most members of the Kardashian's clan are known for their super-sexy figures, especially Kim Kardashian

But whether or not the outside pressure or fame got to Jenner enough to make her seek surgery remains a mystery. 

What do you think: believe Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian's youngest sister got plastic surgery or not? Tell us with a note below!        

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