A Hairy Situation: Stars Become 'Mane' Attraction in 'American Hustle'

David O. Russell's new 1970s film, "American Hustle" may focus on crime, but it brings the heat when it comes to the stars' hairstyles! Click through the slideshow to see their 'dos!

The movie's five major cast members each makes major mane moves. The film's director, David O. Russell created characters that evoked 70s glamour, from Jennifer Lawrence's high hair to Christian Bale's comb-over. From the trailer, it's clear that the men's strands required just as much styling and maintenance as the women.

Evelyne Noraz, the makeup department head for the film, explained just how Christian and Bradley Cooper stole the spotlight to The Cut. "We consulted a lot about the size of the sideburn, mustaches, and facial hair," said Evelyne. "The men ended up being in the hair-and-makeup chair about three hours, and the women about one."

Mr. Cooper had tight curls, like Justin Timberlake during his N'Sync days. Noraz said that the actor was probably with the team of stylists for two to two-and-a-half hours each day. After Bradley's hair was put in perm rollers, he sat under the dryer as part of the routine.

As far as Bale's already-famous comb-over, the Academy-award winning actor brings Donald Trump to mind. "The Dark Knight" star was very hands-on when it came to his 'do, which was all his real hair. The style is difficult to perfect, and takes a lot of steps.

Katherine Gordon, the hair department head, dished on the creative process behind Christian's look to The Cut. "In the script, David wrote specifically that he wanted the comb-over to open up," explained Katherine. "David wanted it to look high, but thinned out on the edges. David kept saying 'Higher, higher,' but I said, 'There's no hair to make it higher.' In the end, I stuffed it and Christian made that part of his character. I also couldn't thin it on the edges no matter how I did it. He's go so much hair that it wouldn't graduate down. I ended up having to build a little hairpiece on the edge. It was a really complicated haircut. In the end, he and I did it together, fully did it."

Jennifer rocks over-the-top tresses. Initially, the Oscar winner's character was written as a "mousy" woman, but later became a glamorous housewife covered with makeup. Noraz shared that with the director was going for a "greasy hair" look. J.Law has on a towering wig, with hair that fell in her face, reminiscent of women in the iconic disco-filled decade. 

And considering Amy Adamsthe red-headed actress already had fabulous strands. "When it came to Amy, she was always changing but luckily, she has the world's best hair," said Katherine. "It's the perfect texture. It has nothing to do with the condition, although it's good, but it's the type of hair. It can hold a set. It can go straight."

 Is going to see "American Hustle" in your plans?  Do you already love the hairstyles? Tell us with a note below!       

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