David O. Russell's new 1970s film, "American Hustle" may focus on crime, but it brings the heat when it comes to the stars' hairstyles! Click through the slideshow to see their 'dos!

The movie's five major cast members each makes major mane moves. The film's director, David O. Russell created characters that evoked 70s glamour, from Jennifer Lawrence's high hair to Christian Bale's comb-over. From the trailer, it's clear that the men's strands required just as much styling and maintenance as the women.

Evelyne Noraz, the makeup department head for the film, explained just how Christian and Bradley Cooper stole the spotlight to The Cut. "We consulted a lot about the size of the sideburn, mustaches, and facial hair," said Evelyne. "The men ended up being in the hair-and-makeup chair about three hours, and the women about one."