Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Miley Cyrus

So controversy, racy lyrics and wardrobe choices aside, Ms. Miley Cyrus stays on our radar for much more than the latest gossip. While everyone is focused on the newest juicy scandal, we can't get over Miley's mega watt smile and killer red lips.

This pop diva in the making is always making headlines, and along with each crazy write up we read, we are often treated to gorgeous glam shots of the young star rocking the perfect shade of red lipstick, complemented with super pearly white teeth. Now this is a classic combo every girl needs in her beauty arsenal.

Colors may come and go with the trends, but red lipstick does it like no other. It's a bold, sexy, confident color that screams femininity with the perfect balance of strength and demure damsel. And its clear Miley hasn't missed the memo on this one.

Wondering what shade makes this 'it girl' pop? We hear Cyrus rocked NARS lipstick in shade Jungle Red for her music video 'Wrecking Ball.' The color is pops off her fair skin tone and is part of the hot trend in textures, delivering a semi matte finish. Available for $26, this super sexy shade by NARS is an award-winning product, voted "Best Overall Lipstick" by InStyle Magazine. And to boost the color even more, Miley keeps her teeth super white with a celebrity go-to dental solution that makes any smile red carpet worthy.

Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Joseph Banker of Creative Dental Care explained to us that combining an awesome set of veneers along with the perfect shade of lipstick will create a fabulous smile. Dr. Banker often gives tips on how to recreate this pearly white perfection to his clients.

"Many of my patients, even those with very white teeth, ask for tricks to make their teeth appear as white as a celebrity's," Banker explained. "The patient's lips really frame my work, and the right lipstick color can make all the difference. I love to create beautiful and natural smiles through various techniques including veneers, but one easy trick to make your teeth look whiter is to contrast the teeth with bright colored lipsticks." Red lipstick does the trick every time!

Teeth not as bright as you want? Dr. Banker has got you covered to. "Another trick, especially on patients with slightly yellow teeth, is to use a cool-toned lipstick," the expert explained.  "These contain bluish undertones that aren't noticeable but make teeth appear whiter than they actually are. Miley Cyrus seems to have learned this trick: veneers combined with bright red lips are part of her current look."

Ready to smile like Miley? The girl has got the secret to a killer smile down-packed! Let us know if you've tried these lip color tricks with a note below!

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