Fight Stretch Marks From The Inside-Out with Taut Premium Collagen Drink

Did you know that 80% of women have stretch marks?  It's nice to know we're not alone in the fight against these unsightly blemishes on our skin, but that only means there are tons of us asking just how the heck to get rid of these things!

There are so many different topical creams on the market that claim to fix the problem, but beauty brand Taut claims to now have a found a way to truly treat stretch marks at the source, rather than just put a band-aid over the pesky problem. Do tell!

Available for $110, Taut® Premium Collagen  is a nutricosmetic product that is said to be changing the world of beauty as we speak. This innovative product has been proven to diminish the appearance of stretch marks after just a few weeks of use!

We hate to tell you this, but many women are completely unaware of the dreadful fact that stretch marks are actually scarring of the skin! Say it ain't so!

They key to keeping these beauty bandits away are collagen and elastin. These two essentials are skin care musts and areat the foundation of what keeps our skin supple.  So when extreme stretching occurs, combined with a lack of these proteins, stretch marks rear their ugly heads.  

In an effort to help women everywhere fight stretch marks and win this war on skin, Larry Pederson, founder and distributor of Taut, has created an ingestible collagen drink to stop stretch marks on the inside as opposed to the outside.

"To prevent and heal these stretch marks, our bodies essentially need more collagen," Pederson explained. "Taut's products boast the highest concentration of hydrolyzed marine collagen and they've utilized a propriety technology to shrink the super molecule down to a size small enough for body absorption - think from the size of a basketball down to the size of a pea."

This drinkable skin care has gone over well with the public, receiving positive reviews. "We had a huge positive response to the Taut Collagen Drink," Larry said. "People are wanting an internal collagen boost to their skin quality."

To use Taut Premium Collagen, the brand recommends the best time to consume Taut is just before bedtime, on an empty stomach, to increase absorption. Why? It turns out that all of the repair work that takes place in our body - right down to the cellular level - occurs when we are sleeping.

Taut Premium Collagen is now available in select spas and salons throughout the U.S. and online at

Looking to try this innovative beauty formula? Let us know what you think with a note below!

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