One Direction's Harry Styles has led more than a British invasion! The boy band member, with his bouncy curled hair, has played a part in causing another sensation: "Men-Hancements."

Trying to figure out what that word means? "Men-Hancements" refers to a collection of 100 percent human-hair extensions for males, manufactured by British company, Great Lengths. For guys wanting to steal Harry's flowing style, take note!

The company was inspired by the singer's signature voluminous coiffure. Unveiling the secret behind the hunk's look, 1D's hair stylist Lou Teasdale said that the pop star is just blessed with great hair.

"Harry wakes up like that!" said Lou to U.K.'s The Mirror. "Sometimes I don't even see him before a shoot." 

We hear men in London love the crooner's luscious looks, and are using "Men-Hancements" on a regular basis. Great Lengths reported that currently, males make up 10 percent of their business, so it just made sense to make a separate line to cater to them.

With the growing trend of guys adding a few extra inches onto their mobs, the natural-looking extensions provide color, volume and length. The human-hair pieces can last up to three months. Men wearing these options can create a look that garners second looks from people. The enhancements not only allow for coverage of hair loss, but are marketed as a solution to thickening thicker strands. And the 45-minute application process is easy!

Before using "Men-Hancements," clients must wash their mane. With a freshly cleansed scalp, a stylist can first part a man's hair by taking a diagonal section across the top of your head. Then, using super-small half bonds and micro bonds (not visible to onlookers) in different patterns, the pieces will be added in sections all the way to the front of your head. The stylist should make sure that enough of the client's natural hair can cover each of the bonds. 

The burgeoning company advises that applications should be avoided to close to any partings, too.

Are you feeling "Men-Hancements?" Going to great lengths to get these clip-ons for the lucky guy in your life? Tell us your thoughts with a note below!