Holiday Gift Set: ARDENCY INN Releases PUNKER Smoky Eye Kit

Got your sights set on creating a super smokin' hot smoky eye? Well we've got a cool brand for you to try. Click through the slideshow to check out each innovation.

ARDENCY INN is a new makeup brand deeply rooted in the downtown New York music scene. Aiming to put the power of makeup artistry in the hands of not only recording artists but also every woman, the brand creates high performance color cosmetics that are quick and easy to use, allowing creativity to run free!

With imagery that captures the edge and free spirit of downtown New York, ARDENCY INN represents a true lifestyle that resonates with music and makeup fans everywhere.

We're loving the brand's new Smoky Eye Kit, available just in time for the holidays.  This kit is available on for just $39 ($62 value) and would make a great addition to any wish list. Check out the products that help to make up this collection of edgy blacks, inspired by the darkly rimmed eyes and fierce attitude of punk rockers. Love!

The smoky has so many variations, and with this set, you can try them all.  From subtle to boldly rocked out, co-founder Giles Kortzagadarian explained the idea behind the special smoky set. "We were inspired by Joan Jett's iconic smoky eye," Gilles said.  "We've seen so many versions of smoky eyes over the past years that we felt like going back to the original and make it wearable for every woman," he explained.

The punked out collection includes:

PUNKER World's Baddest Eyeliner - This little rock star liquid liner makes it easy to precisely draw any shape of cat eye, from the most subtle to the most dramatic, in an instant. Try it for $19.00.

PUNKER Original Smoky Shadow - This matte charcoal eye shadow pencil doubles as eyeliner to create a complete smoky eye look in seconds. Plus it's waterproof! Available separately for $19.00.

PUNKER Unrivaled Volume & Curl Lash Wax - This groundbreaking formula inspired by ultra lightweight hair styling pomades gives an obnoxious amount of volume and durably curls lashes in just one week. Try it for $24.00.

Other items sold separately include:

PUNKER Eyes Like Fire Shadow - Create an intensely black smoky eye without the hassle of layering with this highly pigmented cream shadow pen for $21.00.

PUNKER Crystal Studs - These skin jewels, designed by Swarovski for ARDENCY INN create spectacular light catching effects. Adhesive included. Priced at $39.00.

PUNKER Semi-Goth Lip Gloss - Apply this wet-shine black gloss over lipstick or under lip gloss to give a dark sexy edge to your everyday lip color. Try it for $19.00.

Ready to rock a punked and proud look? Let us know what you think of the collection with a note below.

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