No matter where you are in your career, a few helpful tips can always help you reach that next big goal, and Nicole Williams is here to help with just that.  The LinkedIn Career Expert, author of three books, proud mom, and now Secret Deodorant's Career Confidence Coach, knows that achieving success in the workplace is all about being fearless by having confidence in yourself. Check out what this multi-tasking diva had to offer up on all things hair, makeup, beauty and career in our insightful Q&A below.

- So Nicole, we hear your favorite indulgence is a fabulous blowout. What's the key to keeping your hair looking great as a busy career woman?

I love a good blowout! Not only can I take my hair off my list of things to think about, I love the 30 minutes that it takes to get it done to catch up on email and prepare for my day. In terms of the key to keeping it looking great, a good cut is the foundation and then beyond that, it's putting a little effort into it in the morning and learning some quick tips to put it up over the course of the day in the event of a rainstorm or hair crisis.