Big presentation at the office? Hot date tonight? Important performance? We've all been there and we've all had to combat the dreaded drips of stress sweat.

What is stress sweat? Think of it as an intensified version of your post gym workout perspiration. It's way more potent and way more powerful. Dr. Pamela Dalton agrees. "It's different because it's released from a different gland," the expert told the Daily News. "We have sweat glands all over our bodies that produce exercise sweat - that watery, profuse sweat we get when we work out - but stress sweat comes from the glands in the underarms and groin only."

Until today, women were forced to choose between the strongest odor and wetness protection and the deodorant formula they love. Now thankfully, through breakthrough innovative technology and more than 100 trials, for the first time ever, Secret introduces the new Secret Clinical Strength Collection: the first and only clinical strength deodorant line available with Clear Gel and Invisible Solid.

Debuting in January 2014, Secret is now bringing women odor protection and confidence in whichever high-efficiency formula they love. For $7.99 each, choose between your personal preference for Clear Gel, Invisible Solid and original Smooth Solid.

Not sure which formula to choose? There are no drawbacks to any one deo in this new trio, as the entire collection contains the highest level of antiperspirant ingredients, provides strong protection without irritating the skin, and protects against stress sweat.

Wear a lot of black? The Clear Gel formula is optimized to go on clear, stay clear, and dries without feeling sticky to leaves no white marks. Secret uses a patented calcium-stabilized liquid active gentle on skin and works as well as the active in smooth solids.

The Invisible Solid works like a cream that rub into your skin. New active ingredient release technology has improved the effectiveness of the formula, which enables the product to be Secret's most effective Invisible Solid ever.

The Smooth Solid continues to deliver the great protection women have come to love. It glides on evenly, providing high-efficiency odor and wetness protection that is absorbed like a lotion.

The Secret Clinical Strength Collection is available now at Look for the line at food, drug and mass market retailers nationwide starting early next year. Looking out for the line? Let us know with a note below!